[Sharing] Mummy of 5 – Just One Normal Day

I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) to 5 kids (2 in primary school and 3 pre-schoolers). A typical weekday starts at 6.10am. I drag my feet to the kids’ room and wake the eldest two to get ready for school. With one who doesn’t have the habit of eating so early, and the other being a small eater, it saves me the hassle of cooking breakfast. Just milk and bread or cereal.

I laze around keeping track of the time as they get ready and send them off when it is time. By the time my second child leaves home, I’m left with about 10mins to snuggle on my bed. Then it’s time to get up again to wake the other three for school. Sometimes, this ‘wake them up’ task is very frustrating. If they had slept late the night before, they will refuse to get up. So the task begins by talking to them nicely, then coaxing and finally have to resort to scolding! Although I’ve been up for close to 2 hours, I am still like a zombie. So I’m thankful that my husband takes up the task of walking them to school (which is a 10 mins walk away).

With all the kids away at school, it’s ‘Me-Time’! It definitely sounds nice but most of the time, the ‘Me-Time’ is spent doing household chores. BUT, I get to complete the chores in peace!

Do I jump into doing the household chores immediately after they leave? Well, not all the time! Sometimes, I’ll take some time to enjoy a quiet breakfast first. If I’m too tired, I’ll take a nap before waking up to prepare lunch.

Yes, I cook lunch and dinner! Nothing elaborate but just simple meals. But even simple meals will need to spend at least 2 hours each day on the preparation and washing up.


My ‘Me-Time’ ends when the youngest three comes home from school. Settle them down for lunch, bathe them and then my turn to have lunch while the three of them play together.

The eldest two take turns to reach home and the usual nagging begins: “Go have your lunch”, “Do your homework”, “Go and bathe” etc. It is difficult to ensure that they are not distracted when they are doing their homework because the young ones will be playing and running around. So, it’s time to shoo the youngest two to take their nap. Phew….. job done.

The nagging at the older ones continue. Sometimes, I get so sick of my own nagging. But, if I don’t nag, will they complete their task or will they fool around and waste time?

And before you know it, the young ones woke up from their nap. So, time for some writing or drawing. But how long can you keep 3 preschoolers seated down? Sometimes, I’ll ask them to play along the corridor. Whatever it takes to get them away from their older siblings. To coach 5 kids with schoolwork at the same time is almost impossible. So I always have simple tasks for the younger ones to complete while I coach the older ones.

Then time for the night routine – prepare dinner, have dinner, play time, reading time and then send them to their room at 9pm! And you think they will just fall asleep quietly or immediately? Definitely NO!

With 5 kids and no helper, the house is hardly quiet, never tidy, the laundry basket is never empty.

Mummy Evonne Lee
Mother of 5: 11yo, 9yo, 6yo, 4yo & 4yo

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