[Sharing] Pre-Trip Prep – Traveling to Korea with 4 mth old baby (Total Latch)

Those who know me will know: I love Korea. I won’t miss out any chances to head up to Korea!

With my elder 2 children, we were very reliant on our awesome helpers (they’ve both headed home to run their own businesses) and refused to go on trips without them. As such, we were limited to driving up to Malaysia or boating off to cheaper nearby destinations like Batam. It took us a lot of courage to travel with my #1 when he was 4yo and I was pregnant with #2, helper-less of course. Travelling with the children thereafter were big family events where my parents came along to help out (more than enjoy themselves I think).

Our love for Korea overtook this phobia and we bravely booked a trip just after my confinement for #3, our precious princess Meimei. We are flying off this Sunday, thus I’ve started to pack her clothes today. It will be autumn in Seoul, with temperatures estimated to be around 10 to 24 degrees Celsius. We will be babywearing all the way (no stroller at all) as Korea is full of stairs/escalators and a stroller will be cumbersome.


This is our packing list for a 7-days-7-nights trip (what you see in the photos are part of the list as some items were still hanging out to dry when I took the photos).

Short Sleeve Rompers x 4 (This is worn as her inner layer)
Long Sleeve Rompers x 4 (This is her outer layer)
Long Pants (Thick Type) x 4 (This is paired with the long sleeve rompers)
Cardigan x 1
High Socks (Thick Type) x 4 pairs
Fleece PJs x 3 sets
Woolly Hat x 2
Mittens x 2 pairs
Bibs x 4
Bath Towel x 1
Hankies x 5
Gauze Towel x 4 (This is used to swaddle her or lay on the bed & as a pillow when folded)
Bodywash & Shampoo (Repacked to travel size)
Lotion (Repacked to travel size)
Eczema Cream
Hair Brush
Diapers & Others:
Disposable Diapers 6pc x 7 days
Wet Wipe (half used) x 1 pack
Wet Wipe 100pc x 1 pack
Wet Wipe 30pc x 3 packs
Diaper Cream
Small bag of cloth detergent – We intend to wash her clothes (washing machine in apartment, hand wash in hotel), thus you will notice the quantity for clothing is less than 7 sets (assuming 1 set per day).


There are no feeding related items as she is fully latching (refusing all bottles – SIGH!). And she is not at the stage to be taking solids yet. Yay to easy and light packing!

And I’ll be brutally honest: This is my first time packing personally for our trip. I’ve been pretty spoilt by my ex-helpers as they did all the packing for me (they’ve been with us for 4 years each). My new helper is with us for around 2 months only, so I have to do it personally and show her how it is done.


As you can see, I have an OCD: Everything must be packed nicely into waterproof bags. I’m using BebeLock AntiBacterial Bags from Korea.


Meimei’s items only took up half a luggage. Awesome! The diapers will be used up and thrown away, thus more space for my shopping when we return!

T4T5Packing Tips
(1) For toiletries, save travel size bottles! Wash them clean and fill them up for the trip.
(2) Open up the caps, wrap with cling wrap twice before putting the caps back on. This will help prevent spills in your luggage (can’t imagine the mess).
(3) Bring almost empty bottles/tubes of cream so that you might be able to throw them away instead of lugging them back (luggage weight is precious – FOR MY SHOPPING!).
(4) If the hotel room is going to be small and leaving the luggage open to grab stuff difficult, pack items into bags according to days. i.e. Each zipper bag contains what you need for a day.
(5) Always bring a little clothes detergent along. We never know when we may need to wash used clothes during the trip if baby makes a mess!


Specially for this trip: Delta Baby Multifunction Nursery & Travel Bag

Based on our previous experiences traveling to Korea, we noticed that diaper changing facilities are not easily available at the places we will be heading to (outskirts & areas were the locals hang out). They are widely available at subway stations and large shopping malls.
This pushed our decision to get a portable bed for her. It will double up as our diaper change area whenever needed and maybe a nap bed when we chill at cafes for a break.

T9For convenience, we always pack diapers into wet bags for outings. This makes it easier for one of us to ‘grab & go’ while the other looks after the bags. Being organised allows for easy retrieval of needed items too.

T10The bag is really awesome with many compartments on both sides, allowing us to keep everything neatly and within reach. In fact, Meimei’s items only took up one side of the compartments. The other side will be for Ahjussi to keep his stuff and he will not have to carry his own backpack.

So everything is neatly packed into the bag. there is no need to empty the bag when you open it up to use as a bed. The zippers are designed to open while as a bag and while as a bed – EASILY!

That’s all for now! I will share more about the trip when we are back! Do leave comments on what you wish to know about traveling with a baby (Meimei will turn 3 months old during the trip) or traveling to Korea. I will take note to take more photos and share about it.

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Mother of 3 kids and Owner of TLO.com.sg

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