[A Yang mother’s Journey] I had a C-section, So What?

There are basically 2 ways a mother can choose to deliver, natural birth or cesarean. This post is not about any medical terms or the disadvantages or advantages of a cesarean. But just me, another fellow mummy who had 2 cesareans sharing my experience and how its time that cesarean mothers are given credit for all the hard work we go through too.

I have a medical condition. When my Urologist found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with my first born, he told me that I can only deliver via cesarean and my Urologist had to be present at the delivery. Natural birth was totally not an option for me cause I had some corrective surgeries done internally and they did not want me to push vaginally if not I may push things out of place. And I had to be under General Anesthesia (GA; totally knocked out during the surgery). But to be honest, I had too many surgeries under GA that the thought of another surgery was not scary at all. But to push a baby vaginally, well that was daunting to think about! So for me I did not have to make a choice. There wasn’t a choice to be made regarding how I would deliver. And that was fine by me.

I was the mother who had to be wheeled in alone to the operating theatre. I did not have physical support from my husband cause my procedure was a special one and he could not be in with me. But he gave me a kiss before he left me to give me strength and support. I knew he would be waiting for me outside anxiously.

I laid on the table about to be cut open; scared and all alone with foreign people staring at me. A mask was put over my face, a steel apparatus was shoved down my throat, the anesthesiologist injected something through my IV drip and I was knocked out. I was that mother who did not get to hear my baby’s first cries, I was not the first to hold my baby fresh from the womb, I was not able to do skin-to-skin with my vulnerable newborn. But I was still a mother who delivered my child through an opening on my stomach.

My babies could not room with me as they were delivered at 29 weeks (first born) and 35 weeks (second born) and they needed to be in the NICU for a while. So despite having done a major operation, I had to find every ounce of my strength and courage to pry myself out of the bed to see my newborn. I remember feeling pulls from my fresh stitches when I got up from the bed the very first time. But my newborn needed me and that gave me the strength to keep pulling myself out of the bed.

I was that mother who carried a pillow and clenched my tummy real hard whenever I needed to sneeze, cough or laugh. It took about 3 to 4 months till I could do all that like a normal human being again without feeling any pain.

I was that mother who could not stand straight and walk for a while. I started to waddle around like a duck. But that was how it was for a while till I gained confidence and courage to straighten my back and walk properly without having to fear about hurting my scar.

Am I Not a mother who sacrificed my body to have a scar permanently for life? Am I Not a mother who went through grueling post recovery pains for the sake of birthing my child? I’ve heard so many negative comments about c-section mothers; that because we did not birth our child vaginally, we are not considered mothers. The day I found out I was pregnant was the day I became a mother. I just want to put it out there especially to those mothers who came up with a perfect birth plan wanting to give birth naturally but things go wrong and an emergency c-section needs to be done, they started stressing and get all upset.

To bring a healthy living child out into this world is a blessing itself be it naturally or having to do a cesarean. The method of birthing does not determine whether you will be a better mother. At the end of day, we are all mothers who take on a new role, with new responsibilities and new challenges everyday. Giving birth is just the start of our motherhood journey.

Mummy Sharmaine…

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