[Sharing] It’s Quality Time. Not Quantity.

To me, the best thing to spend on my children is my time. Being a Stay-At-Home-Mum (SAHM), I have the privilege to spend as much time as I want with my daughter, but I didn’t. Other than playing with her, my television is forever on Disney channel to keep her occupied so I that I can do my own things.

After a few weeks (Luckily it’s only a few weeks), I finally realized that I am not spending enough time with her. She’s always playing alone and watching cartoons alone. What am I doing? I am with her 24/7 and yet I am not doing what I am supposed to do. She is not going to learn anything from watching cartoons and I am actually wasting all the precious time that we have together. She needs more, she need to learn and I need to do something. I approached my friends who are also SAHM on how and what they usually do with their little ones at home.

I then try my best to do whatever I can. I can’t say that what I did is perfect but at least I am now spending quality time together and she’s happier!


I started with puzzles. She can fix a 16 piece puzzle in 5 minutes when she was 2.5 years old. She got sick and tired of it just after one week. HEY! At least she is not watching so much TV already J

Then I bought activity books and storybooks, I make it a point to do and read it together with her every day.


Bought all these online at around SGD65 and she totally love it. Her motor skills improved tremendously and she can actually memorize and read the story books by herself after reading it together for a few times.


Sometimes when I am feeling lazy and do not feel like thinking, we will do some colouring and painting together.

This is her colouring her book and me colouring “Secret Garden”


She painted the left and I painted the right and this is the end result.



She did these by herself! Not very nice but not bad lah! HAHA!


Somedays, we have our playdoh time after dinner.


Oh I went to learn balloon twisting from CC and Youtube too and she will watch me twist the balloons excitedly and nowadays she will sometimes request for a balloon and start twisting herself!

Below are some of the balloons and we did some of it together!

Look at this bear balloon, it’s tail “migrated” to the front after a few days. HAHAHAHAA!



Did these lantern balloons together with her during the Mid- Autumn Festival and she was delighted! Safe and fun!!



We also do bubbles or sand play at the nearby park when the weather allows.


My friend gave her a bag of books recently and I will definitely read it together with her!

I don’t spend alot of money, I usually try to do DIY stuffs (Although I’m not really good at it) and this is how I spend quality time with my child instead of letting them watch TV, iPad, Phone which is not very healthy for them. Hoping to get better and do more stuffs with her!

Mummy Eliza
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3 thoughts on “[Sharing] It’s Quality Time. Not Quantity.

  1. Carol Lim

    Hi Eliza, do you mind sharing the e-store or blogshop from whom you bought the kumon and ‘I Can Read’ books from?



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