[Sharing] Stress in the First Trimester – The Unspoken & How to Cope

Wahoo….. You found out you are pregnant. So exciting. Another life is in you.

You might not look pregnant in your first trimester. 1st trimester means to week 13th. Your tummy may look small.

Some mummies have several symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness, lack of appetite, mood swing and heartburn etc. Don’t worry. These symptoms might not applicable to all. Enjoy your pregnancy journey.

Let’s talk about some symptoms and try our best to get over it.

– Fatigue

Do not worry.  You are not weak. You need more rest. Rest whenever you can even close your eyes for a while sounds good. You need more energy.

– Morning sickness

From the word morning sickness, many mummies think it happens only in the morning.  Unfortunately it doesn’t just strike in the morning. It can happen at any time of the day.
Some suggestions to overcome it, we can use ginger tea or drops, as can small but frequent meals. If it’s severe, you might want to consider talking to your doctor about medications to treat the symptoms of pregnancy-related nausea.

– Lack of appetite

There are some mummies might experience lack of appetite. Loss of appetite occurs when you don’t have the same desire to eat as you once did. The idea of eating food may make you feel nauseous, as if you might vomit if you tried to eat something.

Try to have small meals or snacks instead of heavy meals at one go if you unable to take it. Try some fruits, nuts or vegetables as small snacks.

 – Mood swing

These are quite common to some as well. It is due to our hormone changes that affects your level of neurotransmitters. Some flares up easily at the slightest things that irritates them. Try to talk to your husband and anyone close to you. If your condition never improve and more agitated, do seek your gynae ‘s advise.

– Heartburn

Many women experience heartburn for the first trimester of their pregnancy. It is common but generally harmless. Though we cannot eliminate heartburn entirely, we can try to reduce the chances of getting it. Avoid food and beverages that causes gastrointestinal distress. Try to avoid carbonated drinks and acidic food. Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. During meals, try not to intake too much water though pregnant woman should drink more water. Do drink water after your meals. Do not eat close to bedtime. Wear loose clothings. Do not smoke.

With these examples of changes to our bodies, do not worry too much. Any doubts, do not hesitate to refer to gynae. Important thing is to have a happy mood.


Happy mood = Happy baby. Have a wonderful journey with your baby. 

Mummy Eunice
(Mummy Eunice is new to Mummies’ Voices team! She is currently pregnant, so if you have any product you would like her to review, contact us through our Facebook Page!)

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