[Sharing] Mothers’ Day is Coming

It’s time for Mother’s Day again. Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. To show their appreciation towards mothers and mother figures worldwide.

In Singapore, Mothers’ Day falls on 2nd Sunday of May. A lot of families will gather together to have a feast together. Restaurants will be packed with bookings. Carnations and small little gifts will be given to mothers for this special occasion. It is not just a one day event that we celebrate the day with mothers. We should appreciate their effort to bring us to adulthood. Caring for us
My beloved grandmother was liked a wonderful mum to me. I remembered when I was young, I was taken care by my grandmother. I was weak and she took really good care of me. My parents had to work so I had to stay with my grandmother. When I’m ready for primary school, my parents brought me home. My mom quitted her job and become a full time housewife. She had to bring and fetch my younger sister and me to school. Engaged a tutor for us. Whenever school holidays, I will make it a point to go over to grandmother’s place for a short stay.

Soon, I started to work after completion of my polytechnic studies. One day I received a call from my uncle that my grandmother was hospitalised. I went to the hospital and heard from doctor that my grandmother was in her 4th stage of Colon cancer. My mind went blank. How could that be? I was still hoping for a glimpse of hope that she will recover. I visited her every day after my work. My grandmother still hoped that she will be able to return home. We made all necessary arrangements for her to be back home. But that very night, the Lord Jesus called her home. She left us in the wee hours. I had forever lost my beloved grandmother.

Now when I become a mom myself. A mother of 4s is not easy. I become a full time housewife too. My mom in her free time will walk to my block and helped me. We will try to go out together if my boys have no homework. Although I’m long winded, my intention is to get my kids to be more independent. I cannot be with them forever.

Every mother’s day, we will go out as a family to have lunch or dinner. As my kids are still young, I would be very happy if I received their artworks from school. The teachers in school will guide them. My wishes for Mother’s Day are very simple. I hope my kids are healthy and have good academic results in school.

All mothers wish are very simple. We all wish that our kids to be healthy and happy always.

Here I wish all mothers a blessed Mother’s Day. Stay happy and beautiful always.


Mummy Eunic

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