[Review] Breastmilk Keepsakes ~ Keepsake by Ryo

It’s almost a year into my breastfeeding journey with Meimei!

Ahjussi and I have made a joint decision to stop breastfeeding when she turns 1, so I was pretty sad (yet happy to get my boobs back to myself). So I thought, what else can be done to help us preserve our memories of this breastfeeding journey? I’ve already gotten breastfeeding shots done… And next will be breastmilk keepsakes!

I was doing my research on different makers and even contemplated making it myself. It is a very TEDIOUS process! First you have to treat the breastmilk, then you need to wait. Then you need to make a mold. Then you need to wait again. Then you need to pour the resin and add the inclusions (scary process because if it is wrong, REDO!). Then you wait again… Tedious it is!

Every maker has their own methods of preserving the breastmilk and outcomes can be different depending on their method & materials used. The type of resin used also plays a part (whether you get rubber beads or glass-like beads). Professionals need a good buffing machine to get great quality, so DIY was out for me.

So during my research, I came across Keepsake by Ryo. To be frank, what drew me to her site was the ease of use & the fact that having a site to issue order numbers, keeping track of orders and updating customers will be a breeze. I also run a small hand made store and before I used the online store to track orders, I did them manually and it was really tedious and time consuming. Ryo’s system is definitely in place to handle large volumes of orders without messing up.

And the BEAUTIFUL hardware she has. Some sellers use ready available brass lockets or hardware easily available on TaoBao. I don’t feel so comfortable with those and prefer silver or gold options. Ryo has those options available!

General flow to place an order with Ryo:
(1) Place your order online at her online store. Read carefully, select your options carefully and take note of what inclusions you need to send in for each item.
(2) Make your payment and print out the order confirmation email.
(3) Prepare your inclusions. For breastmilk, you will need 20ml per item. Ryo has given packing instructions on her website as well as in the order email. Remember to pack well and LABEL CLEARLY!

(4) Send out your inclusions and wait for their acknowledgement. I love that they will inform via their online system once they received my inclusions so I won’t be left dangling! This also means that the inclusions are properly labelled and chances of using the wrong breastmilk or baby hair is zero!


Email confirmation that my inclusions were received!

(5) Be patient and wait for Ryo to update that your order has been sent! A shipping confirmation will be sent with your tracking number and all you need to do is keep checking your mail box! Ryo sends out orders via SmartPac which is convenient for mass packing of orders and dropping off at the post office without hogging the entire queue. SmartPac does have tracking by SingPost and the postman will usually leave it in the mailbox for you (they seldom send SmartPac to your doorstep now).


I need not say too much about the quality. The pictures speak for themselves!


There were in my SmartPac. Balance of Meimei’s hair was sent back and a beautiful box!


Super lovely and professional box! I think this will make a great present! Husbands! Are you reading this? Make one as a surprise for your wife to thank her for giving up her boobies for your baby!


Lovely warranty/care card and jewellery cloth.


A look at the bead! I FELL IN LOVE!


Closer look 🙂


Another angle


Warranty for the charm!


Details inside the care card.


Close up against black cloth for better contrast. The hair looks really close to the surface but don’t worry. It is well embedded inside and you will not feel the hair on the surface at all. 


Another angle for close up.


Love the hair twirled around the bead! 

I’m extremely impressed with the packing! And the warranty/care card that is included too. Not to forget, the jewellery cloth to polish your keepsake to keep it in pristine condition!


Do note that such products are HANDMADE. Do not expect machine made quality.
What does it mean to be handmade? 
Ryo has to do most of the work with the aid of some tools/machines. It is NOT an automated process like in factories.
– Slight imperfections may be present. What type of imperfections? Maybe a slightly lopsided charm (WHO CAN DRAW A PERFECT CIRCLE FREE HAND HUH?). But from my charm received, the finishing is great (shiny and smooth)! It is not rubbery or feels fake.
If you are not satisfied with your item, communicate with Ryo! Her team responds very quickly and I’m sure she will take your feedback seriously.

What is the wait time like?
I ordered & paid on 28 Mar 2016. I sent out my inclusions the next day and received the acknowledgement email on 4 April 2016.
I received the tracking email on 20 May 2016 and received the package on 24 May 2016.
So mine took around 7 weeks.
Typically as stated on Ryo’s site, 2 to 14 weeks. Exact timing varies due to different factors, we all have kids and know that emergencies can crop up at any time. I’m sure Ryo works on orders and sends them out as quickly as she can since a lot of time is saved due to her awesome website which helps to keep track on orders.

Keepsake by Ryo’s Details:
Online Store: http://www.keepsakebyryo.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/keepsakebyryo
Do spend some time to look at their Quality Control & Assurance album on their Facebook Page!

Mummy Audrey
Mother of 3 & Owner of TLO.com.sg
Audrey Wong Profile

Disclaimer: I made the purchase at Ryo’s website and then PM her to inform that I will be doing a review. She graciously paid me back for my purchase, so technically, this is a sponsored post. But I am a genuine customer who placed another order and I’m waiting for them to arrive. And I will be placing more orders soon before I totally turn DRY!

If you would like to see the actual charm I have, feel free to drop by my showroom to see & touch because I believe seeing is believing! 🙂
Drop me a msg at www.fb.com/thelittleonesinmylife to make an appt with me OK?

*** All photos are taken with my Samsung Note 5. I am not a professional photographer. I just try to make a nice background, then point and shoot. *** 

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