Korea Travel Series Part 4: Day 1 – Myeongdong, Namsam Tower (Seoul N Tower), Two Two Chicken & Imsil Cheese Pizza

Continuation of Mummy Audrey’s trip to Seoul, Korea with 3 kids and Ahjussi from 1st to 15th Sep 2016.

Links to the entire series HERE.

Day 0 – 31st August 2016 

Time for our flight!

IMG_5425 (1).JPG

Checked in and waiting to board! They are all pumped up and excited!


Once on board, they both started on the in-flight entertainment. To prevent them from not getting enough rest and disrupting our schedule for the first day (it starts once we arrive), we promised them just 1 show and they will need to sleep. They were good boys and followed our instructions.


As mentioned earlier, the child meals for Korean Air were very easy to order and Baby Oppa definitely enjoyed his Hotdog Bun with Nuggets!


Big Boy’s was pizza. Looked like it was a mess but it was superbly yummy that he ate it up although he has a full dinner!

Day 1 – 1 September 2016

Arrival and exploration after check in!
(No stroller day. You won’t want to carry up the crazy flight of stairs at Namsan.)



Landed safely at Incheon and waiting for our stroller to be returned to us.


The first thing we must have when we arrive! Our favourite yogurt! It is easily available and usually, there is a promotion for it (2+1 = Buy 2 get 1 Free).

Our usual route is to purchase yogurt and milk for the boys. Then get the boys settled into the seats near the nursery room so that we can change Meimei’s diapers, wash & sterilise her bottles used on the flight. Yes! They have sterilisers available in the nurseries at the airport! They are well maintained and clean! There is also a cubicle for nursing. A breastfeeding pillow is also available inside!


Head over to the Airport Bus counter. There are several of them all at the airport near the exits or outside (near the bus stops). Let them know your destination and they will be able to help you. It is best that you know the bus number in advance just in case they advise you on the wrong number. Announcements on the bus are in 4 languages (Korean, Japanese, English & Chinese). You won’t miss your stop, don’t worry. Just in case, do let the driver know where you intend to stop when you board. He will yell at you when it is your stop. 🙂

So we took the bus and there was a massive jam. A 50min ride became a 2-hour ride and our poor host actually stood at the bus stop to wait for us!

As mentioned in the earlier post, our apartment was in Myeongdong. Follow the instructions to reach On The Grill here and you will find it. We communicated with the host many times and indicated that our flight arrives early and that we would prefer to check in early if possible. If not possible, we hope to be able to at least drop off our luggage first. Thankfully, he was able to allow early check in for us and we settled in to have a late breakfast!


Loads of food options just below the apartment. We were famished as we have not taken breakfast and got stuck in a 2-hour traffic jam. Ahjussi bought Omelet Rice for the boys, Two Two Chicken for us and Abalone Porridge for Meimei! To be honest, though I was really hungry, Two Two Chicken wasn’t appealing to me, so I’ll skip the address. It is all over Korea anyway. I’ll introduce another more appealing one when we arrived at Gangnam.


Yummy Abalone Porridge! Pardon, the ugly looking fringe. I decided to chop off her unruly hair just before the trip!

We let the kids rest while we continued to unpack and got ready their stuff in the apartment. We finally got our butts moving and headed out.


Heading up to this tower! This is a very old photo from my first trip in 2013. This is the view of Namsam Tower from our hotel room in Hotel Prince Seoul!


We were within walking distance from Namsan Tower and decided to head up. There is this special elevator that goes diagonally up the hill to save you a steep climb to the cable car centre!

Do note that there are other ways to head up (bus or taxi), but we found this experience most fun and happen to be convenient for us. The kids really enjoy the special elevator (we took it up and down several times)!


Can you see the shelter and the queue at the bottom? That is where you will need to queue up to take the elevator up to the cable car centre. See the people climbing at the bottom right of the photo? If you choose to climb, there are well-built stairs for you. We’ve tried climbing while baby wearing Meimei and I got really hungry very fast that day. Burns a lot of calories!


The is where you will reach, the Cable Car Centre!

Pricing for the cable car up to N Seoul Tower

Type Individuals Groups (over 30 people)
Adult return ticket 8,500 won 7,000 won
Adult one-way ticket 6,000 won 5,000 won
Children return ticket 5,500 won 4,500 won
Children’s one-way ticket 3,500 won 3,000 won

We paid 28,000 won. It was free for Meimei.

Upon entering the plaza area, we were greeted with traditional performances! During our trip here in June, they had free Hanbok rental and you could wear a Hanbok and take photos with the guards in traditional costumes! Super cool! My parents and sis took the photos, I’ll share them here later if they allow.

Walk further in and you will see the Locks of Love.


This was the boys during our earlier trip in June 2016, trying to find the lock Ahjussi and I left there in 2013! We didn’t get to find the lock this time due to the strong sun and crazy strong winds!



Checked in and waiting to board! They are all pumped up and excited!



Forced to take a photo but can’t open his eyes due to the scorching sun!


We were hungry after all that walking, so we settled down for lunch.


We chose to dine at N Burger. There were other options there like the food court and other restaurants but we just wanted to try something new. And thankfully we did! The food was nice! I was craving for Nachos (5,000 won) so that’s mine. The boys had burgers (8,000 won each) and they refused to share because the burgers were so good! Their fries (3,000 won) were most awesome with a touch of spice and super crispy!


While we were there, there were strong winds!


We really had a lot of fun playing in the wind. Watch my hair and Meimei’s hair go crazy!



It’s so hard to get decent photos of them, but so worth it when I finally do! Love their laughter and smiles.


We then proceeded down from Namsan as the winds were really getting too strong and we were worried about the ride down the cable car. I have never asked what will happen if weather conditions stop the cable car, but I assumed that they will have bus services to bring us down if that really happens.

We crossed the road from the special elevator and headed into Myeongdong Street. Again, we got hungry and chanced on this place so we settled down to get a quick snack.


This is a whole chain of kimbap place selling only plain kimbap served with spicy squid. We spotted this all over Seoul, so there’s no need to hunt for this. You can really find it easily!


Anyways, the address for 충무김밥 Chungmu Gimbap is Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, 10, 19-gil OR 3-12, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. There are 2 outlets within Myeongdong Street area.


Each set is 7,000 won. And you have to pay at the machine for your order. The nice Ahjummas will help you when they spot a clueless tourist. Don’t worry!



So this is it! 1 portion (7,000 won). The boys and Meimei ate the plain rice wrapped in seaweed while Ahjussi and I ate the spicy marinated squid. It was really good! They gave free seaweed soup which the boys liked too! Water is free, but self-service.


We walked around Myeongdong Street. Did some shopping for my sister. I’m not a cosmetic or skincare crazy person. I just buy the basics like face wash and toner for myself only. My sister had a very specific list, thus we had to walk around to hunt for her.

After all the walking, plus the lack of sleep on the flight as I had to carry Meimei all the way (she hate the bassinet), we decided to head back to the apartment early to rest. Also because we had a full day at Everland the next day, thus we wanted the boys to sleep early.



And we bought dinner on our way back. Pizza because the boys wanted pizza. 15,000 won for a medium size pizza. The boys finished 1 pizza on their own. This is “Hanwoo” which is Korean beef pizza.

I was quite shocked at how simple the pizza looked. But we were very happy with the taste. It was crispy and soft and the textures simply blended very well together. The boys didn’t even bother to ask for the capsicum to be picked out. They enjoyed the entire taste with the capsicum! This is the website for the pizza: http://www.imsilcheesepizza.com/.

Address for Imsil Pizza:
서울특별시 중구 남산동2가 16-3
16-3 Namsandong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Next up: Day 2 – Everland, Isaac Toast & On The Grill
Keep a lookout!


Mummy Audrey
Mummy to Big Boy, Baby Oppa & Meimei

Note: Mummy Audrey runs her own online store, www.TLO.com.sg, while looking after her 3 kids ages 9yo, 5yo, and 1yo. Her business focuses on Korean baby products, thus she travels to Korea frequently to source for new and unique products to bring into Singapore. 

Mummy Audrey and her children are available for product/service reviews as long as the products/services are not conflicting with her own products. Do contact her directly at audrey@TLO.com.sg if you are interested for her to review your product. 

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