Korea Travel Series Part 5: Day 2 – Everland, Isaac Toast & On The Grill

Continuation of Mummy Audrey’s trip to Seoul, Korea with 3 kids and Ahjussi from 1st to 15th Sep 2016.

Links to the entire series HERE.

Day 2 – 2nd September 2016 
Everland, here we come!

As mentioned in Korea Travel Series Part 3: Pre-Trip Planning – Itinerary & Cheap Attraction Tickets on how to get discounted tickets PLUS a bus ride to Everland, we headed out early to be in time for the 9.40am pick up. Apparently, they do have 8.40am pick up schedules during peak period but when we went, it was the tail end of the season and they have cut down to 1 pick up at 9.40am daily.

So we aimed to leave by 9am though the pickup point was just 5min away. With kids, all sorts of ’emergencies’ crop up. And true enough, we had the 2 younger ones fighting to sit in the stroller once we got out. So I decided to take out my trusty Lenny Lamb carrier and put Meimei on my back while we headed out to get breakfast.


Thankfully I’ve been practising hard on how to back carry her on my own without help! Load up and off we go!


Getting breakfast for all to munch on while we wait for the bus to Everland. This outlet was just outside our apartment. The queue isn’t as long as the other outlet along the main road at Myeongdong. This has a relatively short queue. The Ahjummas were really friendly and played with Meimei too. The boys loved the Ham & Cheese Sandwich while Ahjussi and I really enjoyed the Bulgolgi one. You can tell the Ahjumma not to put pickles if you don’t like them. Just say “Pickles anmorgor-yo. Pickles behjuseh-yo.” They pronounce pickles as “pic-ker”, so try to sound a little Korean k?


Our trusty Baby Charleston Bondi stroller! This is its 2nd trip to Korea and it can tahan the 18kg 5-year-old! And of course… Guess who won the fight to sit in the stroller? #shioklife


The bus is quite obvious with “EVERLAND RESORT” printed all around it. You will definitely not miss it! This service is by Daesung Tour. You will need to call to make a reservation.

Once we got on, Baby Oppa said that he wanted to carry Meimei. But it was shortlived. She yelled immediately after this photo.

So the ride took around 55 min as there was some traffic. They dropped us off at the public carpark (beside Everland train station). From here, we needed to take Everland’s shuttle bus into the park itself. It was a 15min ride in. You can push strollers fairly easily up the shuttle bus.


Once we arrived, a wefie! But it was really hard to get all smiling at the same time. Baby Oppa was… er… I have no idea what he was doing!

Overview of Everland
It’s a HUGE theme park. There are many different areas and I suggest that you take some time to explore their website detailing the rides and what they have there to have a good idea on what rides you want to take and whether your kids will meet the height requirement.


Everland’s website is in English and really comprehensive. Do your homework well. We are the explorer type and we simply walked and looked around when we got there. We were basically clueless, except 2 must-see attractions that we know of.

Since the place is huge and it will be really crazy to detail everything, I will leave it to you to explore and experience the place. I will just focus on what my boys liked.


They were very strict on height limits and they have a measuring pole at every ride. You can’t argue with them on the height. It saves a lot of time when you show them the chop on the hand. Baby Oppa’s says “110cm”.



They do ask to see your tickets at EVERY RIDE. So it is convenient to have them ready hanging around your neck!



This Racing Coaster was the first ride he went on. Sorry, no photos because SOMEONE forgot to take photos when he went with Baby Oppa on this ride FIVE TIMES while I was busy attending to Meimei and bringing Big Boy around for walk since he didn’t dare to take it.

Lesson to learn: NEVER TRUST THE MAN TO TAKE PHOTOS. Please take them yourselves. Bring a selfie stick and take loads of selfie, otherwise, you will not exist as part of the trip. 


There were kiddy rides suitable for Baby Oppa, but he badly wanted to try the bumper car. The previous trip in June 2015, he saw Big Boy play with my brother and he was really envious. This round he still isn’t tall enough for that and was really disappointed.

IMG_5443 (1).JPG

And while the boys were having fun, Meimei simply took a nap in her Baby Charleston Bondi stroller! It’s really portable and we are able to pull it almost flat for her to nap in comfortably!


These 3 are MUST TRY attractions! All 3 kids loved it, even we adults had a lot of fun!

At Safari World, we took an air-conditioned bus with large clear windows into a highly protected area. Why? Because the animals were roaming free in there! They came up really close and the experience was way better than viewing animals across a moat at the zoo.

(I have no idea how to answer the boys when they asked me what the licking was about. Keep calm, think innocent. They were cleaning each other’s fur. Don’t think too much!)

At Lost Valley, we were most impressed by the amphibious vehicle! We started off on dry land but splashed with ease into the water and went on a winding cruise!


The whole place was really impressive with large elaborate signages like this!


Meimei really enjoyed the ride and went “WOAH!” when we splashed into the water!

Really up close and personal type of experience! We were reminded NOT TO TOUCH THE GIRAFFE. Instructions were in Korean though. Just bear in mind not to touch and you will need to hold your kids’ hands because they really can’t resist!

Amazon Express was a surprise to us. We didn’t expect it to be a wet ride and simply went for it! There are covers and you will be splashed on a little, but not enough to warrant a change in clothes. Don’t worry and have fun! I saw parents bringing their babies (looked like few months old) along for this ride. But I didn’t try as Meimei was with Ahjussi waiting for us.


See the babies? I was surprised!


We were hiding and screaming like mad. It was really fun!

For younger children, they have numerous playgrounds (outdoors and indoors). We were too busy chasing after Meimei to get any photos.

And depending on which time of the year you visit, they really decorate the place with themes!


Halloween deco was everywhere! Big Boy had loads of fun with them.

And we were lucky to catch a parade! It was so fun as it was a water parade and we got a little wet.

We had lunch there (sorry forgot to take photos) and we decided to try their Korean restaurant. The boys had kiddo set meals (7,800 won each) consisting of fried potato patties, vegetables, rice, deep fried crispy pork patties and jelly. Ahjussi and I had Korean beef rib patty set for 2 (11,800 won per pax). The food was good and it was not crowded at all. Food court style and this was a good place to refill the water bottles (dispenser has both hot & cold water).

And they have a mini petting zoo area. The boys bought bird feed for 1,000 won per packet and fed the birds. They were a lot braver than I thought!

The nurseries here are so different from those in Singapore. They have staff looking after the place and giving assistance if needed! The rooms are large, bright and CLEAN. There are a few spread out over the large park, so don’t worry!
There were more than sufficient diaper changing beds. Wet wipes, lotion, diaper cream, body wash (to wash baby’s bottom) were all provided. They also have plastic bags for you to tie up the soiled diaper before disposal to minimise any nasty smells from lingering in the nursery.
There is an enclosed common nursing area and there are also private cubicles (curtains) available at some of the nurseries. They even provide a quiet room with baby cots if your baby needs a proper nap!
I thought I saw bottle sterilisers but I am not sure as I was struggling to keep Meimei from not flipping all over the place.


We had to bring our stroller along on this. Ours could be folded easily but we saw that they actually are able to HOOK unfolded strollers on the back of the seat!

And another must try is their ski cable car as a shortcut to attractions. We didn’t take it this round as it was undergoing maintenance when we wanted to get on it when we arrived. And when it was finally up, the queue was crazy and as we had to catch the return bus which leaves promptly at 6.30pm from the public carpark, we started making our way out at 5.15pm. We walked slowly (the place is huge), bought ice creams to enjoy along the way and reached the bus boarding area slightly early. Enough time for us to do diaper change for Meimei.


And naturally, we were all very thankful we opted for a bus ride back instead of having to fight out fatigue on the public trains for 2 hours!

We arrived at Myeongdong fairly quickly. We were really too tired and wanted to get back and shower as soon as possible, then sleep. So we opted for a convenient restaurant which was just below our apartment – On The Grill. Directions to On The Grill has been mentioned in this post – Korea Travel Series Part 2: Pre-Trip Planning – Flights & Accommodations.


We had grilled beef and pork. And ended the meal with fried rice, fried right in front of us on the grill. To order this, tell them “bo-kem-bap”. Forgot: You can just order in Singlish at On The Grill. :p Pocket friendly pricing for grilled meat considering the boys had 1 portion each! Total was around 50,000 won.



Dinner menu at On The Grill (in case you are wondering what you can possible order for your kids). The boys were happy with the grilled meats, plain rice and seaweed.


That’s the end of Day 2. We showered and crashed immediately. And, we were badly sunburnt. It didn’t feel very sunny, but it seems like the sun in Korea really burns. Slap on loads of sunscreen (and insect repellent if you are visiting during summer).

Was it worth all that effort? Was it worth getting muscle cramps? YES YES YES YES YES!
I knew it was worth it the moment Baby Oppa asked when we could head back again and if we could head back again once he hit 120cm tall.

We missed out the whole night parade and fireworks. This is my regret of not calling them earlier to book the accommodation at Everland itself. 😦
Next trip that will be my aim. To stay here and let the kids enjoy 2 full days there!

Next up: Day 3 – Namsangol Hanok Village, Ssamsarang Restaurant, Chungmuro Pet Street, Noryangin Fisheries (THE NEW NORYANGIN!)
Keep a lookout!


Mummy Audrey
Mummy to Big Boy, Baby Oppa & Meimei

Note: Mummy Audrey runs her own online store, www.TLO.com.sg, while looking after her 3 kids ages 9yo, 5yo, and 1yo. Her business focuses on Korean baby products, thus she travels to Korea frequently to source for new and unique products to bring into Singapore. 

Mummy Audrey and her children are available for product/service reviews as long as the products/services are not conflicting with her own products. Do contact her directly at audrey@TLO.com.sg if you are interested for her to review your product. 


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