Korea Travel Series Part 13: Day 10 – Saemaul Sikdang 새마을 식당, Seoul Forest (Great for Kids), Wangsimni Station (Cheap dinner & Indoor Playground)

Continuation of Mummy Audrey’s trip to Seoul, Korea with 3 kids and Ahjussi from 1st to 15th Sep 2016.

Links to the entire series HERE.

Day 10 – 10th September 2016 

We started the day with breakfast in our Gangnam apartment as the kids slept in. We ate very juicy grapes which our host bought for us!

First stop when we headed out was for lunch. This restaurant was highly recommended online when we were searching for food near our Gangnam apartment. Thankfully, it was just a few steps away from our apartment, on the way to the train station.

Saemaul Sikdang  새마을 식당 has many outlets around Seoul. You can simply Google for the outlet nearest to you. 🙂


Non spicy pork soup for the boys!

Food was affordable if you order the one dish sets. Grilled meat can get pricey.
Ahjussi ordered a stew and I ordered the 7min Pork Stew. It was superb! We kept coming back for more.

Taste wise it was yummy and the boys enjoyed their food. They serve dried seaweed (FREE FLOW) to the boy’s delight. Any restaurant with free slow dried seaweed, the boys will help themselves and flood their rice bowls. And they can finish 2 bowls of rice each when there’s seaweed around.


They each finished almost a bucket of seaweed at every meal!


Quick translation for the menu at the bottom:
(1) 7 Minute Pork Kimchi Stew 5,000 won
(2) Saemaul Bean Stew 6,000 won
(3) COLD Kimchi Noodles 4,000 won
(4) Anchovies Noodles 3,000 won
(5) Pork Noodles 6,000 won

After lunch, we headed over to Seoul Forest. This place is amazing! It’s a forest in the middle of the city. Loads to do and see!

How to go to Seoul Forest:
(1) Take the train to Seoul Forest Station
(2) Take EXIT 3
20160910_152300.jpg(3) Find the escalator
(4) You can use the elevator
(5) You will see this once you are out of the station
(6) See this sign? You can choose to go either ways and you will arrive at the forest. We chose the left side, which happened to be nearer to the Visitor’s Centre (where you can get maps). There’s a convenience store at the Visitor’s Centre and also you can hide there to escape the heat (during summer or hot days).
(7) Just keep walking and follow the sign.


We saw this along the way. Interesting rest stop and there’s a greenhouse next to it!

(8) Arrived!


Visitor’s centre. Too bright for them to smile properly at me!


Baby Oppa loved the piano! Insisted on waiting for everyone else to move off, then he ran back to play!


First time seeing a real APPLE TREE!

While I admired the lovely butterflies, Meimei got her first taste of ICE CREAM! And she loves it!

Walking further into the forest, we chanced on the Butterfly Garden.


Meimei gave us a weird look when we asked her to pose!



Pouting because the boys went with Ahjussi into an insect place and “NO STROLLERS ALLOWED”. She refused to put on her shoes and get off the stroller, so we hung around outside.


I managed to run in for a quick photo of the insect place.


As we walked further in, there were rabbits!

And finally, we arrived at the main attraction! Our reason for all that walking!
The deers!

You can feed the deers here!


Vending machine for deer food.


Insert 1 x 1,000 won bill. Then press the button (both buttons are the same).


Food being dispensed!


Collect your cup of food.


Looks like dried kibbles and some dried corn kennels.



Took them a while to realised there were people here wanting to feed them!


So near!


Information poster on how to feed the deer!

Big Boy was so brave and he loved it! Baby Oppa wanted to try but he was afraid that the deer will bite him. A previous trip to the goat farm in Singapore didn’t help as the goat nibbled on him and how he has a weird fear of animals.


My turn! But I was also afraid of them licking my hand. So… Direct from the cup!


Sorry for the blurry photo. You-Know-Who took this. Anyway, they have stands for you to recycle the cup!


And of course, please only feed them with the designated feed for their health. Feeding them human food may cause them to be sick!


We continued our stroll and saw many interesting art fixtures!


And a wonderful play area! Too bad we were in a rush to check out another place so the kids just had to admire the place instead of play here. We’ll be back again soon!

After a whole afternoon of walking, it was almost dinner time. We wanted to get out of the forest before it turned dark as we observed that there wasn’t much lamps in the forest itself, so getting out before it turns dark will be a better idea. Especially since we are not familiar with the place and needed to refer to the map quite often.

From Seoul Forest Station, we decided to head to Wangsimni Station for dinner and some shopping.

We love E-mart at Wangsimni! It’s our ‘must go’ place when we are in Seoul.


I waited outside for him and happened to read an article on how others managed to travel in Seoul on tight budget and wanted to try it out too. So we looked around this building and decided on our dinner menu: Gimbab!


Anyway, we found this really nice indoor playground here at Wangsimni Station. It’s super near the Gimbab place!




Not a very huge place but good space planning allowed them to pack in a lot of different play areas and activities.


Price is for 1.5h play. Kids 8,000 won. Adults 6,000 won.


Such a fun day she fell asleep even before we started to head home!

Next up: Day 11 – Lazy Day! Coex Mall Duty Free, Andong JimDdak & MAD FRY CHICKEN (The BEST Fried Chicken EVER!)

Keep a lookout!


Mummy Audrey
Mummy to Big Boy, Baby Oppa & Meimei

Note: Mummy Audrey runs her own online store, www.TLO.com.sg, while looking after her 3 kids ages 9yo, 5yo, and 1yo. Her business focuses on Korean baby products, thus she travels to Korea frequently to source for new and unique products to bring into Singapore. 

Mummy Audrey and her children are available for product/service reviews as long as the products/services are not conflicting with her own products. Do contact her directly at audrey@TLO.com.sg if you are interested for her to review your product. 

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