Korea Travel Series Part 18: Day 15 – CALT City Airport in Gangnam (Samseong Station), Jjimjilbang AGAIN and Back to Singapore!

The last episode of Mummy Audrey’s trip to Seoul, Korea with 3 kids and Ahjussi from 1st to 15th Sep 2016.

Links to the entire series HERE.

Day 15 – 15th September 2016 

This is a very important tip!
If you are a shopaholic like us and worry about dragging all the luggage to Incheon Airport, this tip will be useful during your trip! Plan well like us and make use of it! Especially if you are taking afternoon/evening flight, you don’t have to waste time and can still do a little more sightseeing before you fly!


Crazy amount of stuff we have! Can’t imagine dragging these plus 3 kids on an 1+h journey to the airport!


That’s why we planned to end our stay near this place. This is CALT, which is also known as City Airport. There’s also a City Airport in Seoul Station but we find that too complicated to navigate. This place is a lot simpler and less crowded.

How this place works….
They open really in the morning like 5.30am for you to check in. You can check in anytime before your flight (minimum 3h before your flight). So this works great for us as our flight was at 6pm.
UPDATE Feb 2018: Minimum 3.5h before your flight if you are flying off from T2.

We checked out at 9am, crossed the road to check in. Go up to level 2 to get our passports stamped. And when we arrive at the airport, we can use the special door with priority queue (same as crew)! It is a lot more convenient!

As we wanted to hang around the area a little more before we head to the airport, we decided to lock our hand carry items in the lockers and come back for them later. There’s airport express bus from CALT to Incheon Airport, so we will take that at around 3.30pm. Journey takes around 1h without traffic jam and 1.5h to 2h with bad traffic. It’s better to arrive slightly early at the airport and have a nice meal than the be late for your flight!




Instructions available in English, so it’s very easy to operate.



We chose the largest one which could fit all our handcarry items!

For more info and to check if your airline allows check in at CALT: http://www.calt.co.kr.


Breakfast after we check in!


Walking over (1 train station away) to our favourite jjimjilbang in this area.


It’s near Seollung Station, around 3 min walk.



Located at the basement of the building.


Entrance fees.


They provide clothes for the common area. It’s cheaper if you are only coming in for a bath and not heading to the common area.


Nice playground!


The snack bar




We love the eggs!



Enjoying the playground!


Entrance to the restaurant.


Nice restaurant! The food is great!


Menu in Korean, but you can just look at what others are eating and point. Or use Google Translate!




As it was their mid-autumn festival, they served special rice cakes for free! Very yummy! I didn’t know I would enjoy it so much.


My simple ramyun.


Very cute play mat for the kids to nap on! Meimei finally fell asleep so I could go explore!


One of the special heated rooms.


Payable massage beds.

And it’s finally time to head to the airport.
We were very reluctant! But at the same time, happy to head back to Singapore where I have extra help with the kids and get to rest a little. Meimei is a bundle of energy and it’s really hard to chase after her and keep up with her!

But it’s all worth it. Look at the memories we created with them!


Last meal in Korea at Incheon Airport before we fly….


Goodbye Korea! We’ll be back very soon!



Mummy Audrey
Mummy to Big Boy, Baby Oppa & Meimei

Note: Mummy Audrey runs her own online store, www.TLO.com.sg, while looking after her 3 kids ages 9yo, 5yo, and 1yo. Her business focuses on Korean baby products, thus she travels to Korea frequently to source for new and unique products to bring into Singapore. 

Mummy Audrey and her children are available for product/service reviews as long as the products/services are not conflicting with her own products. Do contact her directly at audrey@TLO.com.sg if you are interested for her to review your product. 

2 thoughts on “Korea Travel Series Part 18: Day 15 – CALT City Airport in Gangnam (Samseong Station), Jjimjilbang AGAIN and Back to Singapore!

  1. Zee

    hello, may i know if after you checked in at the CAT (around 9am), you did the immigration (getting passport stamped) immediately? as you mentioned that your flight was at 6pm. And the arex ride being at 3.30pm.

    As i have an early check out too and CAT seems really convienent. But i’m not sure on the immigration process.



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