Our 1st Royal Caribbean Adventure – Voyager of the Seas (4-8 June 2018)

Everything is uploaded except videos as they need editing. 🙂

It’s a LOOOONG post because there’s so many things I wanna tell everyone!
And BIG THANK YOU to the lovely mummies who provided me with so much information before & during my cruise!!! We had so much fun!

What’s in this post:
(1) Important information to ensure you don’t look swakoo (well, I was so swakoo lah) and also to help you plan your trip well.
(2) Photos (to tempt you if you haven’t already booked your trip).
(3) Tips on how to maximize your holiday.
(4) My personal opinions of the cruise. I will also share on how you can enjoy it on LOW BUDGET. And of cos if you have big budget, it will be even better!
(5) Comparison between Costa Victoria & Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.

Do look through the album on Facebook for more info too!
I will post more tips at the description of photos & videos!

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Who went?
Initially when I booked the trip, we booked 3 rooms. It was for us (Ahjussi, Myself, 2 kids), my parents (Mum, Dad, Sis & 1 kid) and my bro (Him, my SIL, 1 teen counted as adult price & 1 baby).
BUT, we had to cancel 1 room 2 weeks after we booked because my SIL found out she was preggy with #3 🙂
Cruises have very very very strict policy about preggers on board. Please take note!
If you are more than 24 weeks or will turn more than 24 weeks preggy during the cruise, they will reject! Just nice my SIL will be 25 weeks during our cruise dates so end up they can’t go.
So the trip proceeded with just 2 rooms (total 5 adults and 3 kids).

Which ship?
We booked Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.

Which ports?
Ours was a 5D4N cruise covering Penang & Phuket.

Type of cabin?
We took Oceanview Stateroom on Deck 3 (front of ship).
RC Day 1-15.jpg

It was slightly more expensive due to school holidays.
We booked under kids & seniors get 50% off. I heard my cousin who went 2 weeks earlier (not school holiday yet) than us got a better deal. When I compared prices, it was significantly different too, so if you don’t have primary school kids, please book off peak period to save $$$!

Total for our 3 rooms was SGD7110.10. Round off is around $2400 per room of 4 pax. Do note for RC, this price is inclusive of gratuity, which is not the case for another cruise we took last Nov (Costa Victoria). This is an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE. Which means if you did not make any onboard purchases, you do not need to pay anything more. And don’t forget whatever pricing you see onboard, it is in USD and you need to ADD 18% to it!
1st deposit $2400 and balance can split payment (read on to find out why I split payment).
(Compared with Costa Victoria which I paid $2100 for 2 Oceanview Staterooms with 5 adults and 3 kids + a compulsory SGD$600+++ gratuity at the end of the trip which was billed to my credit card. So that worked out to be SGD1350 per room for 4D3N compared with VoS SGD2400 for 5D4N. But really, you pay peanuts you get monkeys lah! Costa Victoria was acceptable for me cos it was cheap and I managed my expectations, but if you want to compare the 2 cruises then it sucks! #oops!)

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Click THIS to view PDF files of the Cruise Compass (daily schedules), Kid’s Club details, etc!

While I was searching for pricing & promotional deals, I saw that many travel agents had promotions. RC’s website also had promotions and you can book online or via phone. The prices are ALL THE SAME to be honest, just that some travel agents have credit card tie ups to offer free luggage or other freebies if you pay using certain credit cards. So it is really up to you. 🙂  If you love freebies, keep a lookout for those travel agents!

For us, I wanted convenience. Someone to do the booking for me. Someone I can blame if the booking went wrong :p
So we decided to check out WTS Travel at Waterway Point (walking distance from my place). And being typical auntie, I was aiming for the Fraser Mall Reward points.
I mean… Since I’m going to pay for it, then I might as well try to get some freebies out of it right?
Plus Waterway Point had promotion if you spent $100 you can get $10 credit! Sometimes they have other freebies too! Anyway Fraser Mall Rewards membership is FREE. Just download their app and sign up!

So I did the most incredibly cheapskate thing… I requested for split payment at WTS and they were so nice to say OK! (You don’t have to do this if you are rich and don’t like trouble :p)
Why split payment?
– Fraser Mall limit 500 points per day ($500 spent = 500 points). I recently redeemed 7000 points and got a $35 credit!
– Can claim many many $10 credit if I split the payment! This is while promo lasts though. Check with them on latest promotions!
– I enjoy walking to WWP daily anyway, Ahjussi and I treat it as couple time to walk over together.
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-08 at 23.21.27

The staff are super nice at WTS! They calculated the minimum deposit first, then the balance split into $500/day to pay. Ahjussi is also a Fraser Mall Rewards member so we split the deposit into 2 payments on the same day to get the mall points. Anyway, we cleared the payments within a few trips since each of us paid $500/day.
Details on Fraser Mall Rewards here: http://www.frasersrewards.com/fr-home.php?CategoryID=649 (They have more than 1 mall and you can accumulate from all the different malls, so why not?)

When we had to cancel 1 room, WTS staff were super prompt and awesome again! They helped us with the whole process.

They also guided us through important details and how to login to pre-book anything we needed. They printed out all our tickets, luggage tags, etc too! Very good service!

Important tip when booking: Choose your meal time wisely! Ours was 8pm slot so we had to watch later show times (9.30pm start) which may not be suitable if your kids are early sleepers. Mine are fine with sleeping late and I’m not fussy about their bedtime. They are trained to be flexible and adapt, so I didn’t get grumpy kids due to changes in bed time.

Important tip when booking: Book early if you want connecting rooms!

We took Oceanview Stateroom on Deck 3. This is the ‘second-cheapest cabin type’. If you have bigger budgets, can go try their balcony staterooms. I was worried about balcony as Meimei is very active and I was worried about the safety factor (we didn’t even allow her to walk on her own at the open decks). My kids loved looking out at passing ships, so Oceanview was the best option for us without a big dent in our pockets.
RC Day 1-19

We saw the Interior Staterooms on board and they looked cool too! You can actually view the Royal Promenade which is the main activity area (the Dreamworks character appearances and mass dances happen here).

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Click THIS to view PDF files of the Cruise Compass (daily schedules), Kid’s Club details, etc!

(1) Login to RC’s website to manage your trip! You can upgrade your dining options, book internet packages & drink packages or book shore excursions. And you can link your credit card for easy check out!

  • Link your credit card to your room. You can link for multiple rooms too. This makes the check out process very convenient because you don’t have to queue up to settle payment in cash. Cash payment is in USD, they accept SGD at unfavourable rates. So it is best to link a credit card with good exchange rates & doesn’t charge you for overseas charges. You can select to be billed in your local currency or in USD. I opted to be charged in USD. They will leave the bill outside your door once it is ready, for you to check.

Total Bill

  • If you like GOOD COFFEE, I suggest that you book their drink package with coffee… OR bring your own 3-in-1 coffee packs. My parents said the coffee at the free cafes are diluted and not nice… Or if you are a soft drink junkie like Ahjussi, you can consider the soft-drinks package too. I didn’t allow it because we were getting off at Penang & Phuket where he can buy cheap soft drinks. LOL!
  • If you MUST be connected to internet at all times, do take a look at the Voom Wi-Fi packages (price list uploaded). It is rather expensive as it goes by number of devices. If you book it for the whole cruise, it is around USD80 for 1 device. This is the basic one, not enough to stream YouTube or movie hor! Too expensive for me!
    We didn’t get it because I’m alright with being not-connected for a while.
    Day 1 we had Singapore network till around 6pm. Then after that no network till we were near Penang the next morning (Day 2) around 9+am. We had Malaysia SIM cards so we switched and used our Malaysia lines. No network again while we slept, then we had Thailand network the next morning (Day 3) till 9pm. Then no network for 24 hours (Day 4), followed by some Malaysia network at night (Day 4) and then back in SG (Day 5) in the morning.
    For those who do not already have Malaysia & Thai SIM cards like we do or hate having to change SIM cards, my sis used a very convenient pre-paid Data Sim card by Starhub: http://www.starhub.com/personal/mobile/mobile-phones-plans/value-added-services/roaming/postpaid-roaming/data-plans/datatravel.html
    I found this super affordable too. SGD15 for 2GB!
    Ours was SGD5.50 for the Thai card (SIM + Data) & RM3 for the Malaysia card’s data usage (existing Malaysia pre-paid SIM). Ahjussi got for Big Boy a Malaysia 30-day Data SIM for SGD7.99, unlimited data! First 5GB is fast then after that is low.
    If you are tech-savvy enough, you can buy your own Wi-Fi egg and put the SIM card in to share the data! Or use Hotspot 🙂
    You can shop around for good deals!

(2) Read through the program sheet I’ve uploaded and plan your activities wisely. Time is precious on board!

Click THIS to get to the FB album with more photos & tips!

Click THIS to view PDF files of the Cruise Compass (daily schedules), Kid’s Club details, etc!

Print out and highlight what you wanna do!

Highly recommended:
– Magic Show by John Taylor (comedy + magic show)
– Ice Skating Show: Ice Odyssey
– Flow Rider (there’s minimum height, but adults please make time to try!)
– Dreamworks Parade & appearances (some are free for you to pose for photos with them like Gloria from Madagascar, some are paid type like Kungfu Panda)
– Join in all the dances at Royal Promenade & Poolside! Don’t be shy! No one will recognize you anyway!
– Dine at Main Dining Room because the food quality is good. Then eat more at Level 5 24 hour café. LOL!
* Do note that program may change. Check again when onboard with our updated Cruise Compass! I’ve uploaded the Cruise Compass from 2 different sail dates, so you can compare.

Important Tip: Many of the shows & sign up queues start around 20-30min before the actual time stated! So plan enough walking time and queue time! Go early to avoid disappointment!

(3) Make your kids watch Dreamworks movies like Madagascar & Kungfu Panda so that they will recognize the characters on board. Meimei went bonkers when she saw Kungfu Panda!

(4) Decide if you wanna get off at Penang & Phuket. Then decide if you prefer to follow RC’s shore excursions (price & what’s available uploaded) or go on your own.
PENANG: You can just stroll off the cruise. It is easy to just head out of the pier and get a taxi (tonnes of them there), or book a GRAB, or just walk around on your own. We hired a driver to bring us around. RM250 in a MPV (we squeezed a little) for the duration of the stopover of our cruise (3pm to 8pm). More details about where we went and what we did in Penang later in this post!
PHUKET: You need to take a smaller shuttle boat to the pier or beach (depending on season). More info about the port when you scroll down to read.
We decided to book GRAB because the drivers we contacted quoted us quite high price and Ahjussi only had 1 word for the price: SIAO!
They quoted us 4000baht for 8 of us, just bring us to shopping area and pick us up after we are done. We checked Grab and decided Grab is cheaper.
If your cruise docks at Patong Bay, you don’t need a driver at all. Check with them when you book.

(5) Download all your kiddo’s fave YouTube videos. I almost went crazy because Meimei kept asking for YouTube before bed (while the adults took turns to shower). Thankfully Ahjussi used VIU to download Pink Fong Baby Shark songs to entertain her. And the boys were so helpful in playing with her too.

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Click THIS to view PDF files of the Cruise Compass (daily schedules), Kid’s Club details, etc!

Due to our bad experience drinking SALTY ‘plain water’ on board Costa Victoria, we were very determined to bring our own drinking water on board. However, the water on board Voyager of the Seas (VoS) was alright! With slight chlorine smell which is very similar to our normal tap water in Singapore.

But we still brought water because we didn’t know the water on VoS would be drinkable unlike Costa Victoria.

What we packed:
(1) Casual clothes for 4 days + 1 spare
(2) Formal attire (dress for ladies, long pants & shirt for guys) for formal dinner night. And yes, they reject if you are not properly attired. We saw it happen to an old uncle in front of us.
(3) Mozzie repellent & sunblock
(4) Toiletries
(5) Own towels (their towels are super clean, but I’m very fussy about this and never let my kids use the hotel towels when we travel)
(6) Slippers & good walking shoes (preferably something that can double up as nice shoes for formal night)
(7) Drinking water (5 x 2L bottles spread into 4 luggage). We bought 5 more bottles when we were in Penang.
We used the drinking water for Meimei’s water bottle refills, to make milk for her, and for the kids to brush their teeth. My parents also used some of the water we bought to take their vitamins in the morning.
(8) Swimwear if you intend to swim or try the Flow Rider!
(9) Backpack to bring the kids’ stuff around easily (we had to make sure we had milk & diapers ready at all times with Meimei). I brought a small sling bag & Ahjussi had his usual waist pouch for our credit cards, cash, and phones (more for when leaving the ship in Penang & Phuket).
(10) LANYARDS FOR EVERYONE including the kids! Because you need to have the SeaPass cards (your room access cards) with you at all times. You can choose one to hang around the neck or as like a wristlet. It’s your preference 🙂
(11) Hot water flask (NO KETTLES ALLOWED – They provided but again I don’t dare to use.) & some bottles to refill water to bring to the room for convenience. We used the hot water to wash & sterilize the milk bottles & water bottles daily.
(12) Your chargers for your devices! Do note that EXTENSION CABLES ARE NOT ALLOWED! They will be confiscated! So, if you have multiple devices like us, then make sure you have something that can plug many USB cables like ours.
Ahjussi got ours from Lazada. There are many brands and they have different number of USB ports. Take your pick! Link here: Click here to see the charger!
Tip from Ahjussi: Buy the one for use in Singapore. On board just add on a travel adaptor (2 pin round style) will do. Then you can still use it in Singapore. Not wasteful at all.
RC Day 1-80.jpg
(13) Carrier/Stroller if you need. Carrier was my choice as it was easier to manage than stroller. Many families had strollers on board.
(14) Bring PORTABLE FANS! Because during the compulsory drill, it is HOT and STUFFY. Be prepared! We also used it while we were in Penang & Phuket! Ahjussi the genius daddy used them to blow the milk bottles to dry (cos we lazy, dry bottles means you can put the milk powder in first so when the girl asks for milk we just need to pour water in).
(15) Pencil case with HIGHLIGHTER. So you can highlight on the Cruise Compass! It’s very helpful!

Click THIS to get to the FB album with more photos & tips!

Click THIS to view PDF files of the Cruise Compass (daily schedules), Kid’s Club details, etc!

Sorry we don’t have much info for the kids’ club other than the info sheet I’ve uploaded. The boys said they were not keen and Meimei didn’t qualify as she is not fully toilet trained yet.
Requirements: Must be 3yo and above. Must be toilet trained.  

DAY 1: Boarding!
Though our tickets said our boarding time is 3pm, my parents insisted that ‘can go early and eat lunch on board one’… And I checked with the nice staff at WTS, she also said no issues to go earlier.
So, we arrived at Marina Cruise Centre at 9am! Agreed to meet my parents at 9.30am, we were worried about traffic and left home earlier.

The whole check in process is super simple!
(1) Make sure your luggage is locked and secured.
(2) Staple the luggage tag. If you forgot to bring it or don’t have a staple, don’t worry! They have 2 counters with staff to assist you.
(3) Hand the luggage over to the staff and they will handle it for you. Do note that it takes quite a while before you get your luggage back, so pack your necessary items into your backpack or handcarry bags.
(4) Head on in! Make sure you have your ticket & passport on hand. The staff will check and direct you to the correct place.
(5) CHECK IN! The staff will check your tickets, passports and issue you with your SeaPass! If you had linked your credit card, they will need the actual card to swipe and confirm.
(6) Scan your belongings and pass immigration, then you can BOARD!

While waiting to board, take a good look at your SeaPass. Memorise the room number and check against the layout of the ship to familiarize yourself. I’ve uploaded it for you, take your time to analyse when choosing rooms too!
When taking photos with the official photographers, remember to give the room number so you can view & purchase the photos (if you want).
Also take note on your dining time and dining room level.

Upon boarding, your room will not be ready till 1pm. They will announce over the PA system once the rooms are ready.
What to do while waiting? Head straight to level 11 at the back of the ship to enjoy free buffet lunch! It’s quite crowded, so be fast and send 1 or 2 reps to go grab seats first.
The kids need to be tagged, but you can do it later. Go grab lunch first because it is hard to get a table. At the fire drill, the staff will check and issue the tag on the spot.

At 1pm, you can head to the room and relax. Or drop off your handcarry & explore the ship before it gets crowded! Flow Rider opens at 2pm! Go try before the crowd comes in!

At 4pm, the MOST IMPORTANT THING will happen. Which is the Muster Assembly Drill. If you don’t turn up, the ship can’t sail!!!
On your SeaPass there’s a Muster Number, SUPER BIG. You have to assemble in the correct area. The staff will direct you.
Don’t go too early, esp with kids & old folks. You end up standing there in the hot sun. They will start to chase you out of the room, so start walking over at 4pm.

After you are dismissed from the drill, head straight to LEVEL 5 to get a good spot to watch the DreamWorks Parade (5pm). This only happens ONCE on the entire cruise. So don’t miss it! Somewhere near the popcorn machine will be a good spot!

Then you can hang around and check out the ship or go for your early dinner if your timeslot is 5.30pm.
For us, we hung around and went to watch a little of Jumanji at the poolside, snacked a little at L11 Windjammer’s buffet dinner before our actual dinner at 8pm.

Day 1’s show is ice skating show, they are quite strict about the ice skating show due to super limited seats, and it goes by your main dining allocation. 5.30pm dining people get a guaranteed seat at either 8.30pm or 10.30pm show (check again for details depending on your dining deck). BUT, you can go half hour earlier to queue/wait. If there’s enough seats, they will let those on the standby queue head in to watch.

DAY 2: Penang!
Baby Oppa wanted to skate and 10am was the sign ups for skating, but we were too slow and there was a crazy long queue. So I told him it’s OK, I will bring him ice skating in Singapore.
Do try to come down earlier to queue for slots. At around 9.30am the queue started. Make sure you and the kids are already in long pants and you have socks with you.

Tip: Don’t promise your kids anything. Explain to them that there are many people on the cruise too. If they are cooperative and fast, high chance they can do the activities. If they drag time, they will miss it. After this, Baby Oppa learnt to MOVE FAST & the kids were cooperative.

There’s loads of activities but my kids ended up wanting to play golf! It was fun but very hot under the sun! Bring caps/hats & sunblock!

We got off at Penang at 2.30pm. A lot earlier than the expected 3pm (probably due to the good weather and quiet sea).
Head down to Level 1 (follow the announcements) and step off the ship!
Stop 1: Peranakan Museum (Entrance Fees Payable total RM120 for us). My parents enjoyed seeing all the antiques! Not very suitable for active kids as loads of breakables in the area. I was prepared to wait outside with Meimei but thankfully she fell asleep and took a long nap so I managed to walk and take photos too!
Stop 2: Penang Coffee. To be honest, the coffee is a little exp. I’m not a coffee person so I don’t know how to appreciate. But Ahjussi loves it. So indulge him and let him buy.
Stop 3: Bak Kut Teh – RM120 (paid by my dad – Thank you Papa!) We love this place! For intestines loving people, the intestines here are super good! Big Boy loved the pork knuckle. Baby Oppa loved the golden mushroom, youtiao and gravy! Meimei was happy eating plain rice. Zzzz
Stop 4: Convenience store shopping! I know it sounds crazy but I had to grab chips, chocolates and water. Whatever makes my kids happy! Ahjussi needed his Coke too.
Stop 5: Pharmacy. To replenish my medication stock and my sis had to buy more contact lens solution (because she didn’t bring enough).
Then we headed back before the crowd came back. Went to our room, showered and had dinner at the main dining room and went to watch the show at 9.30pm.

Click THIS to get to the FB album with more photos & tips!

Click THIS to view PDF files of the Cruise Compass (daily schedules), Kid’s Club details, etc!

DAY 3: Phuket!
Had to start the day EARLY because we were KIASU. I heard that it is a long wait for the tenderboats and we should queue early. So we had breakfast at 7.30am and went to join the queue for tickets at 8.15am.

TIP: You can send 1 representative to queue. But that person needs to be holding all the SeaPass.

If the whole group is ready and are in the queue, they will let you board the 1st tender immediately!

Thanks to my kiasu-ness, we managed to get queue #1! And we headed to shore. The tenderboat ride was around 20min. Very pleasant as that boat was air-conditioned. Enough seats for all. RC staff were very experienced and organized! Instructions are clear too.

Upon arrival at shore, there were loads of taxi/van drivers… So we didn’t notice the road side stalls as the drivers totally blocked all our view.
We kaypo ask for a quote to decide if use them or get a GRAB as per our original plan and it was 4000baht to bring us to eat seafood, shopping in the same area and head back to the pier.

So we took a Grab to Phuket Old Town (the Central Market). 490baht, we gave 500 baht. It is MPV, so sit 7-8 pax (squeeze a little) is OK. If the group is bigger you really need to hire van and pay the 4000baht (or you can try to bargain).

At that area we walked around to see street art. Then settled down at a nice old café run by an old lady and we chit chat with her.
Then we continued walking around and found a massage place! 250baht for 1h of foot massage (Thank You Mummy!). It was so so so good! Baby Oppa had a massage too! My mum tried their oil massage.
After that we continued walking and found a small chicken rice place. Very hungry and my mum was happy to see Chinese food after eating western meals on board for the past 2 days. After that we went to a convenience store (again) to shop. Bought some cup noodles because we wanted supper but too lazy to walk to the 24h café to get food. Ahjussi bought soft drinks again and was a happy man.

If you don’t wanna go anywhere else, you can come out later to the pier (around 1-2pm) and just shop & eat at the roadside stalls just beside the pier. At least try the tenderboat experience!
My boys loved the BBQ food there. There’s local street food (sit under a tent and eat) too, but we only saw it on our way back, and we were too full! We bought some souvenirs for the boys’ friends here. Cute little magnets!

And the service by RC is really awesome. On our way back, we noticed a huge table with 3 ice water dispensers and loads of cups. And a familiar looking uniform. It was a RC staff standing there waiting to give us water to drink!
The weather was really scorching hot so we were happy to see him. 3 dispensers had different type of water. Plain iced water, cucumber ice water, lemon ice water. The cucumber iced water was the best to cool down!

The tenderboat arrived just as we strolled into the pier, so we boarded after 5min (to allow the passengers to get off). But this tenderboat was different from what we took to shore. It was older and no aircon. Just fans. But because it wasn’t crowded, we had good seats and managed to take crazy amazing photos of the ship!!!
We headed back at around 2pm to enjoy the facilities on the cruise.


Do note that due to tide/sea level, the port may change. Some nice mummies told me their Nov/Dec cruises docked at Patong Bay (and the tenderboats will drop you off smack in the middle of Patong Beach). From there you can just walk around and there’s no need for driver unless you want to go to other places.
For us, it docked at Deep Sea Port and the pier was Phuket Marine Customs Pier.

As the next day was my mum’s birthday, I sent her for a facial on board the cruise as a treat.
To be honest, I found their prices steep. My mum too. She kept telling me so expensive. But it’s worth it to make my mum happy! Anyway, we used a coupon which was in the room. $50 off if you book spa/facial services during docking days (Day 2 & 3). So it worked to be quite alright. USD150 after the discount for her facial (which the staff said is some super good anti-aging treatment).

The rest of us went round the ship taking photos, watching people try the Flow Rider, letting the kids play golf, hung around at the café to eat (again).

As mentioned earlier, our dinner time at the main dining is 8pm. But we wanted to catch the 7.30pm magic show as we were worried the kids might be too tired to enjoy the 2nd show at 9.30pm. So we tried our luck!
I approached the staff at the main dining and asked if we could eat earlier as my mum was hungry (she was cos she went to have her facial while the rest of us snacked). And they were so nice! Took them a minute to double confirm they had an empty table for 8 and could take us in. So we sat down and enjoyed our dinner very much! Yay!

So we finished dinner on time and went early to grab good seats to watch the magic show! We didn’t want to sit to near the stage as we had to run out in case Meimei cried (which she did because she wanted to sleep). But our seats had a good view, so we were happy. And our room was just outside the theatre, very convenient for us to head back to our room to rest.

We had our cup noodles for supper in our room. Heehee! Hurray to Ahjussi who brought 2 huge thermal flasks kept them filled with hot water daily!
You can easily refill plain water & hot water at L11 Windjammer or L5 Café. So, choose your room/deck carefully!

DAY 4: Cruise All Day Long!
Chillax day for us! Woke up late, lazed around! Went around the ship to let the kids play and take photos. Watched people at the Flow Rider again (it’s addictive and fun to watch)!

Had early lunch because we wanted to catch the ice skating show at 2pm.
By right, our allocated slot was the 4pm show but we wanted to try our luck and we got into the standby queue at 1.40pm. We managed to get a good seat for the 2pm show! It’s quite cold inside, wear something warm!

As it was our last dinner, I think my sis went all out.
So did Ahjussi. They ordered like multiple sets of starters because the food was just too good. And multiple sets of mains too!

And it was my mum’s birthday! Ahjussi secretly went to tell the staff and they came over with cake and a candle lit up! Sang Happy Birthday to my mun and wished her too!
And funniest was Meimei wanting to blow the candle but too sudden and she was too far away. By the time she ran over, my mum blow it already!
The staff saw it and he was so so so nice, simply re-lit the candle and told Meimei to blow it! Small little attention to such details made us so so so happy!

Then we went to watch the finale show. Meimei loved it so much! Applauded a lot and smile non-stop. But the show was marred by an inconsiderate family sitting behind us. Talked so loudly. We turned behind to glare so many times but they talked EVEN LOUDER. Even Meimei turned around and ‘shhhh!’ them! Until someone behind them couldn’t take it and said, “CAN YOU SHUT UP OR NOT?” then it stopped.

Most people on the cruise were nice and friendly. Especially the family that kept giving up their seats to us at Windjammer! Thank you so much!

Overview & Comparison
There are definitely a lot more activities I didn’t mention. Don’t miss out on the fun! Check the Cruise Compass I’ve uploaded and see what may interest you & your family!

Basically, our expenses on this cruise was really minimal: Popcorn to make my kids happy. & a facial treatment for my mum. Plus the driver/Grab, food, massage & shopping when you go to shore (which you can choose not to and enjoy the deserted cruise all to yourself). I’ve posted our total bill earlier 🙂

The bags & items on board for sale had really attractive discounts. If you are a shopaholic, you may like to spend some time there. We saw a lady grabbing the handbags (she had 4 on each arm) as if they were free. LOL! My mum said maybe she has many daughters and 1 handbag for each of them.

And you have no idea how many times my dad said, “This cruise is way better than Costa Victoria!”
I was very bad lah, I impatiently told him this cruise is a lot more exp, so quality sure better. But really, you pay peanuts you get monkey. RC hospitality and service is really top top top!

My friend Whatsapp me to tell me… Once you hav tried RC, you won’t wanna try anything else! I really wanna go again, without the kids. Just me and Ahjussi because the poor man was so so so good with the kids I think he barely enjoyed himself.

Psst… We heard Ovation of the Seas is even better with more activities! But I heard it’s not back in Singapore anytime soon… That’s the one I’m aiming next! 

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Click THIS to view PDF files of the Cruise Compass (daily schedules), Kid’s Club details, etc!

Mummy Audrey
Mummy to Big Boy, Baby Oppa & Meimei

Note: Mummy Audrey runs her own online store, www.TLO.com.sg, while looking after her 3 kids ages 11yo, 6yo, and 3yo. Her business focuses on Korean baby products, thus she travels to Korea frequently to source for new and unique products to bring into Singapore. 

Mummy Audrey and her children are available for product/service reviews as long as the products/services are not conflicting with her own products. Do contact her directly at audrey@TLO.com.sg if you are interested for her to review your product. 

14 thoughts on “Our 1st Royal Caribbean Adventure – Voyager of the Seas (4-8 June 2018)

  1. may ng

    hi will like to check for formal dinner on RC can we make reservation or we need to be at restaurant earlier to queue? what are the things we can make reservation? thank you


    1. Mummies' Voices Post author

      Hi, if your dinner time is the open one then you have to book. If your dinner time is fixed, you don’t have to book as it is pre booked.

      There’s queue because they will get the server to bring you to your table.

      For the payable restaurants, they accept reservations.


  2. Huiting

    HI dear,
    If you dont mind, like to have the contact of the driver.
    For the main dining room, can the men be in their berms/ pants and t-shirts and the ladies have to be in dress?
    Many thanks


    1. Mummies' Voices Post author

      Sorry uncle said don’t post his contact online that’s why I didn’t share it in the post.

      Main dining on usual days they are not strict about dress code. Only formal night they are strict.


      1. Huiting

        Oic. If it is convenient and ok with uncle, u can send me his contact at limhtg@gmail.com. If not is ok:)
        For formal night , forms, jeans and t-shirts And casual Dress acceptable for main dining room
        Thank you so much for your kind info, dear.


  3. Jeslyn

    hi can i know is it safe to boil water directly from the tap? we intend to bring our own travel kettle.
    if not, how do we boil the water?



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