Monthly Archives: January 2019

Mama’s Tired

I’m sure all mothers have the same feelings…
Your situation may not be exactly the same, but there’s nothing more tiring than being a mother.

House is in a mess.
Nope. Marie Kondo isn’t working for me. (Ain’t got time to pile everything in a huge pile then look through them.)
And if I have to throw all that doesn’t #sparkjoy, my kids will be first to go.
Followed by the husband because most of the mess is his.
Then maybe the auntie. (But she’s super helpful if I want a snack while I laze.)

Kids are in a mess.
Teachers are calling with either complaints or chasing for stuff.
Parent volunteer groups are spamming messages which require my personal reply almost hourly.
It’s never ending screaming and getting them to eat, shower, brush their teeth, finish their work, pack their bags, change into PJs and GO TO SLEEP! (They don’t seem to understand the meaning of bedtime.)

Work throws shit. 
Customers are entitled. (Many, not all.)
Colleagues are inefficient & inaccurate with their work.
I have to drop everything (the house & kids) to solve everything. (But $$$ only that little bit.)

This is the unspoken daily life of a working mother. I think SAHMs don’t have it easy either, considering they don’t even get to shit in peace (I shit during work hours).
Nope, I don’t post all the unhappy stuff everyday because I don’t think others need to be more depressed reading about my unhappiness.

And… I want to be the one that #sparksjoy.
Nope, I won’t spark joy at all if you are entitled and come asking for freebies or refunds or unreasonable requests.

Focus on happy stuff…
House isn’t bombed or in disrepair.
House is generally clean & definitely liveable.
House still has some areas which are ‘Instragrammable’.
Kids are auto on their homework.
Kids are generally scoring well for tests/exams.
Kids still love me though I’m a mess.
Work is still completed.
Work is still generating enough income to pay salary to staff, feed us all and provide small luxuries.
Colleagues still show up reliably on time everyday.
Colleagues still laugh and joke at work.
Customers are generally nice & friendly & understanding.
Customers have turned friends (MANY OF YOU <3).

It’s just another (lousy) day. Go to bed and it’s a fresh new (good) day.