About & FAQ

What is Mummies’ Voices about?

The existence of this blog is to share reviews and experiences with parents-to-be and other parents!

Our aim: To provide honest reviews from real users – mummies & maybe daddies too!

How this works: Mummies (& daddies) can submit your own blog posts and photos. You will need to provide your name and your child(ren)’s age(s) with an accompanying profile photo of your family or children (back view accepted if you do not wish to publish faces).
You will be given some guidelines on what to look out for, what to include and what type of photos will work best.

(1) Will I be paid for my reviews?
For non-biased reviews, there will be no payment for review articles. If the blog progresses to attract attention from advertisers who are willing to pay for specific product reviews and specify a certain writer they like, we will then discuss payment privately with the advertiser from there.
All paid reviews will be labelled clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

Other articles which do not lead to recommending any products or brands such as health articles, education articles or experience sharing articles may be paid articles. This is to ensure that our site will have consistent, updated and quality articles to share with other parents.

(2) Do I have to buy the items?
Let’s start with something you already have at home. Most of us probably have a few brands of everything as we search for what is most suited for our child(ren).
There will be sponsored projects in which a variety of brands will be provided either on loan or for keeps for you to do the review.

(3) I already have my own blog. Can I contribute?
Sure! And we will add your blog link to your post too. You may also replicate the blog post on your own blog since you are the writer. However, if you have been paid or are currently being paid by one of the brands in your review, it is best to state it upfront in the blog post to avoid misunderstandings.

(4) I’m excited to see my posts being appreciated! How do I start my own blog?
We can organise some mini sessions to share more on how to operate a blog and different web hosting services you can explore.

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