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[Sharing] Of Nursing Rooms & Diaper Changing

As parents with a child still breastfeeding, bottle feeding and/or on diaper, nursing rooms and diaper changing facilities in a shopping mall become our #1 priority when bringing kids out, on top of the variety of F&B outlets and retail outlets at a mall.

Recently, there has been numerous posts on Facebook complaining about the use of these facilities. They are either abused by mall tenants (for sleeping!), cleaners (as pantry!), young students (for hanky panky!) or fellow parents.

Though the facilities in Singapore are not excellent (that’s for another post), everyone using the facilities can make it more pleasant by playing their part to have some manners and consideration for others.


Nursing Rooms

Who are they for?
Nursing rooms are designed for privacy of nursing (breastfeeding) mothers.

In our conservative Asian culture, boob flashing isn’t very welcomed by the older generation and surprisingly, there are young daddies who do not want their wife to breastfeed in public (even with a nursing cover) for fear of others looking at their assets.
I’ll be honest: My breasts are no longer my own when I breastfeed. You want to see? See lor. All I’m interested in is to feed my baby. And no, I’m not out to make you feel uncomfortable by flashing my boobs. I will do it discreetly.

Why only for nursing mothers? Then those who bottle feed leh?
Well, most people believe that if you are bottle feeding, you can simply grab at seat elsewhere and feed your child. It’s true: If your child isn’t easily distracted.

Now, then the argument comes: So bottle feed cannot use nursing room ah?

In my opinion, I will suggest this:
(1) Nursing mothers get priority as they need the privacy.
(2) Give way to mummies with screaming babies who are demanding to be fed. Try to share if you will be using the room for a while longer.
(3) Nursing mummies also need privacy to produce enough to feed their babies even if their babies are not with them. Do not rush them, simply knock and inform them of your intent, they might be willing to share the room! (SPEAK NICELY!)
(4) If you really need to bottle feed in the nursing room, don’t lock the door, just close it, be prepared to SHARE the room if a nursing mother comes along.
Of course, this can be solved easily if our ideal nursing room exists (upcoming post – keep a lookout!).

The Ideal Diaper Changing Room we found in Korea (Lotte Departmental Store, Myeongdong)

The Ideal Diaper Changing Room we found in Korea (Lotte Departmental Store, Myeongdong)

Another common complaint: So noisy!
I agree. The noise makes my baby distracted too!
Let’s encourage:
(1) Keep your children in check. If you are bringing your older children along to the nursing room, ensure you have something to keep them occupied. Bring a book or some small toys. It may not be 100% effective to keep them quiet, but at least help to lower their volumes. Explain to them the purpose of the nursing room and teach them to be considerate towards others too.
If possible (you have extra help with you), get someone to watch them while you nurse in peace too.
(2) Don’t yak on your mobile while using the nursing room. The rest of us are not interested in your conversation. Really.
(3) If you are watching shows or dramas on your mobile while nursing, use an earpiece. I might want to kaypo about the drama you are watching, but not everyone feels the same.


Diaper changing rooms are often together with nursing rooms. Then daddies how? They cannot change baby’s diapers?
Well… Due to ‘limited space’ at shopping malls, most of them design the nursing room inside the diaper changing room. For us, we usually push our stroller along and use the stroller as a diaper change area in a discreet place (not in restaurant of course).

Let’s encourage:
(1) Knock before entering.
(2) If there’s a nursing mother inside, nicely inform her that you need the diaper changing area and ask if it is possible to share the space (she can face away from you if she is willing). If it is not possible, then ask her how long more she will take so that you can decide to wait or find another place to change diapers.
(3) Always wrap & dispose diapers properly.
I love the dog poo bags available in a roll at Daiso! It’s SMALL and each bag is just right to put a soiled diaper and tie off the top to keep it contained.

poo bags

Daiso Poo Bags – Perfect for outings! Tie off soiled diapers or rubbish that you have before you throw them into the bin to keep offending smells away!


Dispose off soiled diapers properly to keep our environment clean!

Remember, our TONE when speaking matters a lot.
A frustrated, “Can share?”
Versus a sweet, “Can share?”
Which would you be more receptive to? Definitely asking in a nice tone will get higher chance of success. And don’t curse when the other party rejects sharing. Some people really are more sensitive are need more privacy.

Wah… So many ‘rules’.
These are not rules but guidelines to help make our environment a better place for all.
A little consideration for others can make another person’s day better.

Let’s be positive role models for our children and show consideration towards others!

Written by Mummy Audrey Wong
Mother of 3 & Owners of
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[REVIEW] The Diaper Challenge – 14 Brands of Small Size Disposable Diapers

Diaper Review All

With my elder son 8 years ago, we were extremely price sensitive when purchasing baby products as we were a young couple that just got married (honeymoon baby) and we were renting a place while waiting for our BTO flat. Our philosophy on diapers at that time: The cheaper the better. We calculated diapers based on PER PIECE price with calculators at the supermarket aisle.
And thankfully, our boy was allergic to expensive brands like Pampers. He had very bad eczema and the doctor’s conclusion then was that Pampers was made of waterproof material and not breathable, trapping moisture and causing the nasty red broken skin (I’m not sure if they’ve improved over the years). After many trips to KKH and loads of different creams, we managed to sooth the raw broken skin and he did very well on cheaper brands like NTUC house brand and Pet Pet thereafter.

With my younger son 4 years ago, we had a bit more money to spare on diapers. We were still price sensitive (habit more likely). We were scared of Pampers due to previous bad experience. And he was mostly on Mamy Poko (MMPK for short) and occasional cheaper brands like NTUC house brand if there are good promotions. However, that fella is a drinking monster! He loves milk and water (after 6 months)! And naturally, his pee volume was over the top. We had to search around for diapers which held better. In our desperate search, we brought in Happy Blossom from Korea.

Now with Meimei (5 months old), we tend to want to splurge a little more on her. “Daddy’s Little Princess” as everyone says.
And we noticed that there are a lot more premium brands available now compared to 4 & 8 years ago. We got some leftover diapers from my grand niece who is 5 months older than Meimei. And we bought some.
We received: Nepia Newborn
Hospital gave: Huggies Newborn
We bought: Goon Newborn, KCA Small & Medium

We asked around for samples for the purpose of this review and got many mummies who gladly sent us diapers (THANK YOU!).

With this review, price is NOT taken into consideration. We’ve evolved to the state of mind that quality for Meimei is more important.

The diapers involved: Merries, Bosomi, Moony, Huggies, Goon (Speedy Dry), Goon, Happy Blossom, Nepia, Mamy Poko, Pet Pet, Drypers, KCA, Onwards, Pureen
All diapers are small size.


How was this review done?
1. Mini lab test: 90ml of tinted water was poured into each diaper. A piece of plain paper was placed over the soiled diaper and pressed with a book for 30 seconds. I then squeezed the soiled part hard to test for compression leaks.

  1. Actual usage test: Meimei tried the diapers! Sorry we can’t share the pictures of her in the different diapers as she is very exposed and Ahjussi says that we have to protect her modesty.
  2. Mummy’s checking: I rubbed, and examined all the diapers carefully.



The above list is according to how the diapers were arranged when I took an overall photo. No particular order.

Cutting: Meimei tried these diapers when she was around 4 months old at around 6kg. Most small size diapers indicated 3-7kg. Huge refers to those she can still wear at 5 months old (7kg). Average refers to those which were just nice when she was 4 months old. Small refers to those she had to squeeze into at 4 months old.
Huge & Average ones tend to be wider too. The Small ones were really narrow at the private area and you will get paranoid about leaks from the sides (at the thighs).

Side Gathers: Alright. I know. This sounds like some sanitary napkin advertisement. However, THIS IS IMPORTANT! Poo leakages for us happens mostly on the sides. Seems like all brands do come with double side gathers as additional protection now.
Personal preference: Loose side gathers are more comfortable for Meimei. They don’t contribute to more leakages as long as the diaper was taped on well. Average and Tight side gathers caused red marks on her thighs which are not very fatty compared to other babies I’ve met.

Back Gathers: With Monster (my #2), his poop ALWAYS leaked up from the back! With Meimei, it does happen but less often compared to her brother. Some have nice gathers but there were stiff and plastic feeling, a little uncomfy. Some have soft gathers and some don’t even have back gathers.

Urine Indicator: We’ve always heard that girls tend to get UTI easily, thus we have a habit of changing her diapers ON TIME. This may not be very applicable to us but it will be useful to new parents or caregivers.

Thickness: I’ve never wondered if thickness would cause a difference to a baby before having Meimei. However, it seems like the thinner diapers are more breathable. And also, I felt the difference when we babywear her in a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC).

Tape: I’ve always been fussy about the tape as it is not easy putting on diapers for a wriggling baby! And if the tape is the sticky type, my frustration level goes through the roof, especially if I taped wrongly due to her movements and I’m not able to retape = 1 diaper wasted! And sometimes, the tape comes off due to them crawling or squirming around, it may scratch their delicate skin.

Absorption: This is based on what I saw (how fast the water disappeared when I poured 90ml of water) and when I squeeze it thereafter to test for compression leaks.

And the detailed review of each brand…

1 merries .1 merries

Merries: Love the thinness and large cutting. Meimei can continue on small size for now (5 months). Holds urine well but sadly no back gathers. She had a poonami in this while babywearing and yes, we got leakage on the back (probably due to pressure forcing the poo up & out too).
Diaper is also embossed which prevents bunching.
Lowered the rank due to the lack of back gathers which could have prevented poo leakage.

2 bosomi.2 bosomi

Bosomi: Very soft and comfy diapers. Cutting is not as big as Merries but not small like Pureen. It is starting to get a little snug for Meimei now. Great diaper overall but we noticed small strands of hair embedded inside the inner fabric of the diaper in 2 pieces out of the 3 pieces we were given. Holds well but took a while to fully absorb the water I poured.
Diaper is also embossed which prevents bunching.
Lowered the rank due to the hair & it took longer to absorb the water fully.

3 moony.3 moony

Moony: Thin! And really soft. I could rub against my face and enjoy it – I think. Cutting is HUGE. I think Meimei can probably wear this for another month. Only thing is the tape is small (came off easily when she struggled to be freed during diaper change because she wanted to flip).
Diaper is also embossed which prevents bunching.
Placed #1 rank because we will definitely want to buy this if there is promotion.

4 huggies.4 huggies

Huggies: We’ve not considered Huggies at all because we found the cutting really small. But after experiencing poonamis leaking from the back of the diaper, I’m super in love with the additional back guard! It is an extra soft piece of fabric placed on top of the back gathers which further blocks any poo from escaping from the back! ALL DIAPERS SHOULD HAVE THIS! However, the down side is the cutting. Meimei will need medium size instead of small size if we want to use this in future.
Diaper is also embossed which prevents bunching.
Definitely ranked #1 because of the back guard.

5 goon  SD.5 goon speedy dry

Goon (Speed Dry): I’ll be honest. I’ve never heard or seen this version at all! Was very surprised when the nice mummy told me she has this version for Meimei to try. “Speedy Dry” is really a good term to describe this diaper! It really sucks the water very fast and holds well. Cutting is HUGE too! Great for big butt babies. No urine indicator that I can see though. No visible embossing and slight bunching occurred when squeezed.
Lost in ranking due to lack of back gathers which are super important to us for now.

6 goon.6 goon

Goon: How is this different from Goon (Speedy Dry)? In general they are very similar looking. But this has urine indicator. Sadly, no back gathers too! And since we were using this for newborn, we noticed a lot of back leakage due to poonamis. Sometimes she was in the SSC, sometimes she was just playing on her bed/play mat and it still leaks from the back. Absorption for pee wise is great.
Diaper is also embossed which prevents bunching.
Lost in ranking due to lack of back gathers.

7 happy b .7 happy blossom

Happy Blossom: I have to state clearly: We brought in these diapers because we were desperate with #2. When I flew to Korea, I went around getting samples and shamelessly ask in my broken Korean for feedback from Korean mummies I met along the streets. We were pointed to Happy Blossom and we have been bringing in stock ever since then.
The special thing about Happy Blossom other than the common features is that it contains a herb. The herb is called taheebo which is from the Amazon and is traditionally used as an antifungal application and also people who seek alternative treatment for cancer will turn to taheebo as it is said to contain anti-cancer substances.
Diaper is also embossed which prevents bunching.
We love the huge cutting (my 4yo is still wearing XL size for night time). And Meimei is now on this after we finished our stash of bought-on-impulse diapers.

8 nepia .8 nepia

Nepia: Our first encounter with Nepia was the newborn size. It was nice and suited Meimei until her poonamis started! I love the way it is folded into 3 parts instead of the usual folded in half because it makes the size very squarish and easy for us to pack into the diaper bag. Also, the way it is folded makes more space (less skin contact) when put on, probably adding on to Meimei’s comfort.
No visible embossing but didn’t have bunching even after squeezing it hard.
However, it lost in ranking due to lack of back gathers.

9 mmpk .9 mmpk

Mamy Poko (MMPK): We used to love this a lot with #2. However, I’m quite disappointed when I received it. The quality seems to have dropped compared to 4 years ago. The cutting seem to have shrank a bit, it used to be huge but now it is average. I was shocked by the water pouring test too. I had always thought that MMPK absorbs fast. But at least it held well when I squeeze it when loaded with water.
Diaper is embossed, no bunching when squeezed.
Disappointed. Lost in ranking due to no back gathers and cutting was smaller than I imagined.

10 pet pet .10 petpet

Pet Pet: The cheapo in me always loved the thought of buying cheap diapers. However, I’m so glad I did this review. No more cheapies for us unless we are broke for the month. First impression: Wah! So thick! Then during the water pouring test, I literally had to watch it slowly absorb the water. And guess what happened when I squeezed the loaded diaper? Water was dribbling down my hand!
No embossing but bunching wasn’t very obvious.
Probably good for newborn frequent changing (every 1-2h) to save on cost, but if your baby is older and doesn’t poo that often, it might be quite a chore to be cleaning up leaky pee all the time.

11 drypers .11 drypers

Drypers: Similar feedback to Pet Pet but I was stunned that the tape was rough, hard and had a sticky portion. Sticky tapes will hurt baby if they move around and get stuck on their skin instead of the diaper. Thankfully, it’s not as sticky as Pureen’s. You can still remove and reuse if you stuck the tape wrongly or need adjustments to get the right fit. Diaper is not embossed, bunching occurs and you will get leaks from poonamis or sudden streams of pee after the bunching occurs.

12 kca 13 onwards .12 kca .13 onwards

KCA & Onwards: I’ve been told by the promoter that they are manufactured in the same factory in Malaysia but placed under different brands. Onwards is only available at NTUC and KCA at Sheng Siong. Generally, I really can’t tell the difference except that Onwards has licensed characters (Tom & Jerry) printed on the diaper but KCA only has their own design printed. Diaper is not embossed, bunching occurs and you will get leaks from poonamis or sudden streams of pee after the bunching occurs.
We had numerous pee leaks with KCA on Meimei.

14 pureen .14 pureen

Pureen: I don’t know what to think of this diaper to be honest. It probably is 100% cotton and doesn’t have chemical absorbers. Very thick, and you can practically squeeze it dry with 1 hand. The other diapers all had varying amounts of chemical absorbers which hold the urine to prevent compression leaks. But not Pureen. Great for those who wish to not have chemical absorbers but this is really not for me as I need to babywear Meimei daily to commute to work. Diaper is embossed but the bunching was pretty bad due to the swelling upon intake of water. It was really like a loaf of bread between the legs!

*** *** ***

Overall, we will definitely use one of the brands ranked #1. Maybe #2 can be considered if price is factored in.

From my review, you guessed it: I hate poonami leaks. If it happens at home, not an issue as long as bedsheets and sofa are safe. However, it is extremely troublesome if it happens when we are out!
If you are budget conscious, you can try the cheaper range to use at home or use cloth diapers at home and get better quality diapers for outings to minimise spoiling your wonderful (and maybe rare) trip out of the house.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and this review is helpful for you!
Remember: What works for us may not work for you because every baby is unique and different! Choose what is best for your baby and budget. 🙂

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