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[Sharing] The Baby Making Magic Potion

When it comes to trying to conceive, there will be a small group that goes… “We want babies. We have been trying. But no news…”

I’ll be honest. Due to sex education in secondary school, I always had this impression that babies are made very easily. In fact, the school always emphasized: YOU CAN GET PREGNANT WITH JUST ONE MISTAKE. Even with protection! *HORRORS*

Alright. So I thought baby making was easy stuff. We naively planned our wedding and even planned for a honeymoon baby. By then, I was a little more ‘educated’. Thanks to my poly mate, Phyllis, who was older than us as it was her 2nd diploma and she was already married.
I knew that you had to ‘do it’ during the ovulation period.
I knew that you may not strike on first try.
And I knew what miscarriages were.
And my poly lecturer was married for 12 years before she got her baby girl.

And I thought: Ahjussi is no longer young, let’s just try for baby straightaway.
And we got Big Boy: MADE IN MALDIVES.

So you get the idea. We wanted a baby, we were blessed with a baby. We really never thought that making babies was anything difficult. Until we had to try for #2.

6 months into Project #2, no news. We’ve always read that normal couples take around 6 months to conceive naturally. So… 6 months and we were very actively trying, with ovulation test kits in full force. But why? Why no baby yet?

So I went crawling on the Internet for information. And of course, we went to the gynae to check if we were alright.
There was nothing wrong with me, but Ahjussi’s sperm count & quality was a little worrying. Possible reasons: Stress, smoking (Ahjussi doesn’t smoke but he breathes in 2nd hand smoke 12h a day at work), lack of exercise, poor diet, etc etc.
So I asked around and one very nice Malay lady shared with me that eating dates (the type Muslims eat for breaking fast during Ramadan) boosts sperm quality and overall health. She then shared with me this magic potion. I’m so sorry we’ve lost touch but please contact me if you are reading this!


So… What is this magic potion and how does it work?

It is actually extremely SIMPLE!

Ingredients (this makes 3 small jars as shown below):
Date Fruit (1 box)
Assorted Raisins (equal portions to Date Fruit)
Around 400ml good quality Honey (You can use Manuka Honey if you like)

Chop up the dates (remove pits) and raisins into small pieces (around 0.5cm pieces).
Mix them up evenly, taking care to separate the sticky date fruits.
Sterilise your container (we used our trusty Haenim UV Steriliser, you can use hot boiling water then air dry).
Pour in around 1 heaped tablespoon of honey, then sprinkle in the chopped fruit mixture.
Continue to layer honey and chopped fruits, ensuring that all the chopped fruits are covered properly with honey.


How to consume:
Both husband and wife take around 1-2 teaspoon twice a day. You may take more if you love it, but do watch your sugar levels!
Wifey can continue after testing positive (YAY!), it is good for pregnancy too.
For diabetic or pre-diabetic patients, do note that the sugar content of this mixture is extremely high. The GI levels are high too. Do check with your nutritionist before consumption.

*Tip: Always use a dry, clean spoon to scoop from the bottle to avoid contamination. 

What’s so great about this magic potion? So simple only what…
Simplicity and nature at its best.

Date fruit is known to be packed with loads of nutrients!
Minerals and sugar are needed for healthy and active sperm -> We need these healthy & active sperm to swim up to the eggs and break into the egg cell!
Women are known to ‘lose blood’ during our monthly cycle, and we need to build back that lining to allow a fertilised egg to be well protected as it develops. Date fruit helps with iron levels which in turn, help women’s bodies to build a good lining to prepare for pregnancy!


Then Honey?
Honey is another known natural ingredient which aids fertility!

Quote: “Several studies both in Europe and the US have researched the beneficial links between bee pollen and sexual health. Pollen has been shown to;

  • Restore and rejuvenate tired or ageing sex glands in both male and female. This is because it contains natural hormonal substances that stimulate and nourish the reproductive system.
  • Increase sexual stamina and endurance
  • Improve sexual dysfunction caused by prostatic disorders
  • Stimulate ovarian function and increase the biological value of the egg
  • Alleviate symptoms associated with PMS”



For ladies fighting constant UTI, you can replace part of the raisins with dried cranberries!



Now… This is work for us?
YES YES YES!!!!!! We took this for a month and got good news, which is our #2: Monster! 🙂 🙂

And so, I’ve been recommending this to friends and my friends are busy people. So enthusiastic me took the time to chop everything for them. It is very tedious to chop the dates as they are really sticky.

Do try it out! If your friends are busy, make for them!

I hope everyone who is trying for a baby will try this out and conceive healthy babies soon!
Please drop a message here if this works for you!

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